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National consultation starts in India to enable framework for citizen driven e-Governance initiatives

The members of the civil society organizations, industry, government and development agencies started today a national discussion for creation of National e-Governance Stakeholders's Forum to facilitation of citizen driven e-Governance initiatives.

It has been strongly felt and understood by now that with many states in India already in the middle of their programs having implemented some successful initiatives and experienced pitfalls, it is now time to assess the programs made so far, and validate the success of the projects against citizen feedback and stated deliverables. The e-Government programs can be ideal for achieving development goals such as ‘education for all’, sustainable agriculture practices, e-health, poverty eradication and social inclusion besides helping reduce corruption and enhance public integrity.  It is therefore apt for the civil society organizations, industry, academia and the development agencies to coordinate with the government and provide feedback on the existing programs. This will help providing the development orientation to the e-Governance programs as well as help initiatives have a user driven approach.

The Society for Promotion of e-Governance (SpeG) along with its associate organizations has been carrying  out wide ranging consultations with the government agencies, academia and other stakeholder groups through workshops, round table meetings and online discussion lists regarding the framework for such a consultation. In order implement one of the key recommendations of e-GovWorld 2007 (participated by DIT- Government of India, The World Bank, UNESCO Solution Exchange Program, Airtel, IBM, 3i-Infotech, IL&FS and members from Civil Society organizations from across the country) and subsequent discussion with civil society organizations during the Annual Meeting of the ICTD community of Solution Exchange (UNESCO) in Pondicherry , we are pleased to initiate the process of creating a National e-Government Stakeholders’ Forum (NeGF). 

The aim of NeGF is to help the government agencies and citizen representatives take stock of the programs under NeGP and build on the achievements so far, to accelerate further developments and set directions for next phase of efforts. The forum will be a platform for high level consultative meeting among the stakeholder communities including representatives from government agencies, multilateral development agencies, civil society organizations, academia and media.  In addition to online participation, the forum will organize face to face interactions among the government agencies responsible for deployment of e-Government projects and the representatives from the community.

Participate in National Discussion to shape up the format and agenda of  National e-Governance Stakeholders' Forum
The discussion to give a final shape to the NeGF and framework for consultations is currently on at the ICT for development Community of Solution Exchange. The final face to face meeting will be anchored by SPeG will take place during the Annual General Meeting of OneWorld South Asia  as partner initiative on February 8th , 2008 . Visitors are requested to communicate their views on the forum’s agenda and also forward their proposals for partnering with the initiative. Any pre existing best practice models may be communicated to the undersigned for helping formulate the final structure of the forum and mechanism for stakeholder consultations. Based upon the responses received, the members of the community will be invited to participate in the final consultation on 9th February 2008, scheduled at Hotel Intercontinental, Nehru Place, New Delhi, India. (Time : 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm)

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