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Atrua Announces World’s Smallest Made-For-Mobile Fingerprint Touch Control

The Next Generation, Standards-Compatible Fingerprint Recognition and Navigation Solution for mobile phones will enable transactions and can be an ideal solutions for identity managament in public service requests and transactions

CAMPBELL, Calif., February 12, 2007

 Atrua Technologies, Inc.  today announced its next generation, made-for-mobile fingerprint touch control. The world’s smallest fingerprint sensor, the ATW310 provides fingerprint recognition with market-leading accuracy, compatibility with major international standards, and advanced navigation capabilities. The launch may start a plethora of applications enabling the businesses and governments in providing transaction based services to the consumers and citizens. ATW310 extends Atrua’s leadership in fingerprint touch controls that enhance the security and usability of mobile phones.

 Utilizing the “gold standard” of minutia-based fingerprint matching technology – the same technology used by law enforcement and government agencies around the world – the ATW310 is ideal for fingerprint applications on mobile handsets. Providing compatibility with the ISO and ANSI standards required by mobile network operators, enterprises, and government institutions, the ATW310’s advanced, made-for-mobile technology offers the benefits of interoperability and flexibility for both mobile phone designers and application developers. The Atrua Wings™ family of fingerprint solutions was created to meet the constraints of the mobile handset platform. With an area of merely 36 mm2, the ATW310 is the world’s smallest fingerprint sensor and enjoys a significant market lead with the most efficient use of critical platform resources such as power, memory, and processor cycles.

 Designed for mobile phones, Atrua’s advanced security and usability solution provides many other made-for-mobile advantages. It integrates well with the existing security architectures of mobile phones and includes Atrua’s exclusive partial reconstruction technology, which increases security by enabling a fingerprint template to be created without ever constructing a full fingerprint image. Highly rugged, the sensor withstands harsh conditions typical for mobile phones, including its market-leading 20 KV electrostatic discharge (ESD) resistance. Empowered with Atrua’s advanced fingerprint recognition software, which operates on virtually all major embedded operating systems and runs on all popular mobile phone CPUs, the ATW310 supports navigation features that enable users to navigate the phone’s user interface by using the fingerprint sensor as a tiny touch-pad pointing and scrolling device. 

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