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Mobile Phones have the potential to change the world and reach the bottom billion. MIT project shows the way
A recent MIT project that helps health workers, farmers in developing countries demonstrates that mobile phones have the potential to chnage the way we reach out to bottom billion. The Program is expected to build the capacities of various stakeholders in deploying innovative solutions using mobile phones.
Mobile phone, not PC, bridges digital gap !!
Lost amid the debate over what kind of laptop to give to each child in the developing world is a more important question: IS THE PERSONAL COMPUTER RIGHT DIVICE FOR BRIDGING DIGITAL DIVIDE?
National consultation starts in India to enable framework for citizen driven e-Governance initiatives
The members of the civil society organizations, industry, government and development agencies started today a national discussion for creation of National e-Governance Stakeholders's Forum to facilitation of citizen driven e-Governance initiatives.
Unified Communications Revolution to transform Work Culture - Predicts Bill Gates
In the coming years, unified communications technologies will eliminate the barriers between the communications modes—email, voice, Web conferencing and more—that we use every day - Predicts Bill Gates
SOOCHNA SE SAMADHAN ( LIFELINE INDIA) - Knowledge based services for farmers on phones
The project aims to provide connectivity, content and capability via a phone-based service. Many poor farmers have been using the service successfully to get solutions from experts for their crop related problems
How Mobiles and Blogs Don't -- and Do -- Help Human Rights - emerging paradigm of mobile government and mobile activism
With Mobile Government and online activism becoing the emerging paradigm, it's a good moment to consider how networked communications don't -- and do -- help achieve human rights.
India surges ahead of US and UK to become world's second largest mobile phone market for Nokia handsets
With India emerging as the world’s fastest growing mobile market with over 6 million new subscriber additions every month coupled with the lowest tariffs, Nokia has surpassed its own target almost three years ahead of schedule.
mGovWorld salutes the spirit of Independent India on completion of 60 years of vibrant democracy
Congralutations to all the readers on 60th Anniversary of Indian Independence.
After iPhone , be ready for gPhone from Google
Google is injecting hundreds of millions of dollars into its mobile phone project and is currently in discussion with mobile operators in both Europe and the US, according to newspaper reports.
16th Century Monument redeemed with 21st Century technologies. Thanks to India's mobile/internet savvy youth
With mobile subscriber base of 2 60 million growing @ 6 million per month, the unrelented zeal of Indian youth to stand for a cause relating to the pride of country and telecom industry putting their weight behind the campaign, one thing is sure - You cant count India out !.
e-Government services at citizens' doorsteps - Bangaloreone embraces mobile mode for delivering 24/7 public services
An e-Government initiative of government of Karnatka, embraces mobile/wireless mode for delivering 24/7 public services to citizens.
Mobile applications market to reach $9 billion by 2011
The market for mobile applications hasn't reached mainstream adoption just yet, but is poised to hit the $9 billion mark by 2011; device makers, service providers, and software vendors all may contribute.
Hong Kong to spend $217.6 million for providing wi-fi facilities at government premises
Under the programme, the Government will progressively provide Wi-Fi facilities at about 350 government premises for free use by the public in the coming two years. Priority sites will be set up at premises frequently visited by members of the public by mid-2008. These premises include libraries, public enquiry service centres, community halls/centres, parks and Government buildings.
Camera Phone - The power of media in the hands of millions
"It's had a massive impact because it's just so convenient," said Philippe Kahn, a tech industry maverick whose other pioneering efforts include the founding of software maker Borland, an early Microsoft Corp. antagonist.
Executives in Japan find salvation in Teleworking
On behalf of its long-suffering workers, the Japanese government champions telecommuting, hoping a radical change to the nation's work practices will end its notoriously inefficient work culture. Policymakers even think a little more time at home might lead to an increased birthrate, something Tokyo feels needs to be addressed immediately.
Nokia's launch of mobile phones for rural India can boost mobile government applications for grassroots
The rural phone in integration with the CSC centers to be launched by government of India may provide a major boost to mobile government services in India especially to the grassroots and unreached.
The flip Side - Terrorists use mobile payment systems to transfer money
The spread of m-payments in less developed countries, which often lack functioning anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regulatory frameworks, and where corruption is rife, will likely increase money laundering and terrorist financing.
SIM based digital signatures on mobile phones to make plastic cards obsolete
Turkey's Turkcell has signed a deal to offer mobile "signatures" to all its customers, using security platforms from Gemalto, a leader in digital security with pro forma 2006 annual revenues of 1.7 billion euros.
European Comission gears up to consider mobile TV as one of the service delivery channels for government services
Availability of mobile TV service everywhere and anytime, attractive commercial offers, interoperability of devices, spectrum availability and light regulation on licences are all vital ingredients for boosting the demand for Mobile TV in Europe, said the European Commission's Telecom Commissioner Viviane Reding at the CeBIT IT-fair in Hannover/Germany.
Mobile Phones fast becoming the favourite platform for advertizing and content delivery
According to the International 'Going Mobile' Report , Consumers are Watching Mobile Web Ads and Acting on Them. With online advertizing becoming the chosen mode of advertizing and the penetration level of mobile phones in developing as well as developed countries, the competition between the mobile and internet platforms for the best environment for advertising seems to be going the mobile way. If mobile phones are also used by public sector for delivering content and services to the citizens, the mobile government will soon become the default mode for delivering public information and services.
Atrua Announces World’s Smallest Made-For-Mobile Fingerprint Touch Control
The Next Generation, Standards-Compatible Fingerprint Recognition and Navigation Solution for mobile phones will enable transactions and can be an ideal solutions for identity managament in public service requests and transactions
Global Money Transfer Pilot Uses Mobile to Benefit Migrant Workers and the Unbanked
BARCELONA, February 12 /PRNewswire/ -- - GSMA and MasterCard Piloting a Programme to Make it far Easier and Cost-Effective to Transfer Remittances Globally
India's Dynamic and Innovative Wi-Fi Ecosystem
This article is excerpted from a new report from Tonse Telecom, sponsored by the Wi-Fi Alliance, entitled The Future for Wi-F in India: Opportunities & Challenges. A full copy of this report is available at no cost from the Wi-Fi Alliance web site ( .
ITU and GSMA join forces to boost mobile access in developing countries
ITU and the GSM Association agreed to strengthen cooperation towards improved access to mobile phone services aimed especially at bridging the digital divide in least developed and developing countries.
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