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Key reports and market studies on mobile government

For practitioners, government officers and development agencies

  •  Wireless Networking for the Developing World

A Practical Guide to planning and building low-cost telecommunication infrastructure

The book is being developed in a collaborative manner as a part of the project to compile the material regarding cost effective wireless infrastructure solutions for the developing world.

The book and the PDF file are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.5 license.

The Project Site is at the URL

Download The e-Book (PDF File : approx 2MB)


  •  Transformational Potential of Mobile Transactions

Vodafone has published its sixth policy paper on the social impact of mobile phones. The report entitled 'Transformational Potential of M-Transactions' has been developed in partnership with Nokia and Nokia Siemens Network. It presents new, independent research by leading economists from Frontier Economics and Groupe d’Economie Mondiale as well as consultants to the World Bank and calls for a new regulatory framework to allow greater access to financial services via mobile phones in developing countries.

Download the Report



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