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m-Government and e-Democracy
An article by Emmanuel C. Lallana, PhD* in conjunction with mGovernment event at
SOOCHNA SE SAMADHAN - Services for farmers on Phone
SOOCHNA SE SAMADHAN is an initiative to use the power of voice as the primary means of information dissemination. It facilitates exchange of information among the marginalised communities such that it helps in improving their quality of life. It aims to provide connectivity, content and capability via a phone-based service.
Latest statistics on teledensity and wireless connectivity in India -by TRAI
The press note issued by TRAI provides information regarding the teledensity and broadband penetration in India as of July 2007.
Global Database of Mobile Applications at
An initiative by Ken Banks, a development professional and a researcher, based in UK - Mobile Knowledge for social changes
An online community utilizing mobile technologies for sharing ideas and network
True value of mobile phones to developing markets
Estimation of economic benefits of wireless activities for developing countriews
Wireless Unbound - Mckinsey Report on wireless benefits
The report examines the untapped potential that thge mobile / wireless devices have in provisioning of next generation of business and public services.
Challenges of evaluating e-Gov, m-Gov and i-Gov
A study by : Robert D. Behn, Kennedy School of Government. The study is of great benefit for the publice sector practitioners entrusted with the task of implementing e-Government programs.
Report : Preparing for wireless applications
This is a very valuable document that helps government agencies evaluate the potential of Mobile government and prepare themselves accordingly for the future technologies.
Fundamentals of Mobile Government - A web site by University of Manchester
This website provides information on fundamentals on m-Government along with links to other web sites
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