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Volume 2, Issues I January 01-15, 2008

Welcome to the current issue of “Government@24/7”,your fortnightly source of knowledge and news on e-Government and m-Government! brought to you by m-GovWorld with technical support form OneWorld South Asia..

I am pleased to inform the readers that we are carrying our national Consultation for enabling Citizen Driven e-Governance initiative.   National e-Governance Stakeholders' Forum   is being launched soon in association with The Society for Promotion of e-Governance, ICT for Development community of Solution Exchange (UN initiative) and OneWorld South Asia. A national discussion on the models and examples of stakeholder consultation mechanism is currently carried out at the ICTD community of Solution Exchange. The views of the participants in online discussion will be consolidated through face to face meeting and final consultation during the ARM of OWSA as a partner initiative.

We are pleased to invite all the readers of the newsletter to take part in the discussions on the format and agenda for National e-Governance stakeholders' Forum. We hope to create a model of citizen driven e-Governance framework that may be of help to global community. The website for consultation of NeGF may be visited at the URL . Wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous 2008.

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Vikas Kanungo

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The citizens can access important government information by sending an SMS to the number 74688. This will help the citizens on the move access government information as per their need.


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