Vol. 1 Issue 7 01-15 December 2007
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The third international conference on e-Government  eGovWorld 2007  concluded on November 30 with participation by more than 200 delegates from across the world. The e-development Thematic Group of The World Bank along with us organized a global dialogue on mobile government potential with participation from 10 countries. Key outcomes of the deliberations  were to explore the potential of mobile government more seriously and also to make the stakeholder consultation a compulsory requirement for e-Government project design. In short, the consensus was reached among the delegates to focus on citizen driven e-Government projects for enhancing the success of such projects.  We will be following this approach for the future versions of the newsletter with new features for enabling involvement of the readers in shaping the content and format of this newsletter. Your active participation will help us make this newsletter truly user driven.
Vikas Kanungo
Mr. Hannes Astok, Member of Parliament , Estonia on potential of mobile government and his experience of implementing the mobile government services in city of Tartu as Daputy Mayor...
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Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project...
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M-Government and e-democracy - An article by Emmanuel C. Lallana...
Fortnight’s Picks
Mobile Operators in India resort to RTI act to settle spectrum allocation issues
  Incumbent mobile operators and applicants for new licenses have found a new weapon to fight their rivals on the contentious issue of licensing and spectrum allocation: the Right to Information (RTI) Act.
Google prepares to bid for spectrum auction in US
  Google said it would file its application to bid on the valuable 700-megahertz spectrum, which is being vacated by television networks as they convert their signals to digital
China formulates national standard for mobile TV


Of the different mobile TV standards available in China, the CMMB, DMB-TH, T-MMB and CDMB standards are currently supported by SARFT; while the TD-MBMS and CMB standards are supported by the Department of Telecom.


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