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Searching on mobile may soon become more effective than searching through computers

Searching on a mobile phone is starting to undergo a makeover that takes into account how mobile Web surfing can be different from surfing on a home PC. Companies including Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and AOL are investing in new ways of offering mobile search -- and related advertising -- to try to encourage users like Geatz to use the wireless Web more

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Mobile Service Operators to contribute to e-Governance Service delivery

NEW DELHI: Mobile operators like Bharti and Reliance may soon be roped in the e-governance space. While so far vendors like TCS and Wipro have been engaged in preparing computer-based applications for delivering government services, the government is preparing a road map for delivering government services through a wireless medium for which telecom operators could prepare and host mobile based e-gov applications.

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Mobile phones designed for emergency management communication launched by Motorola

Motorola has recently announced the availability of the Motorola M900, a powerful and durable mobile voice solution that enables state-of-the-art in-vehicle communications ideal for the needs of security and emergency management professionals.

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Investment of INR 2000 Crore by BSNL to boost mobile/broadband connectivity in rural areas

NEW DELHI: The Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology, Shakeel Ahmad, has informed the Rajya Sabha that Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has decided to invest about Rs 2000 crore, to proliferate broadband in both urban and rural areas across the country in a progressive manner.

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Joint project by State bank of India and Airtel to enable remittance through mobile phones

The project that will go a long way in enabling mobile transactions and providing a boost to mobile government initiatives was launched during GSMA summit last month.

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Australian government to use SMS for terror alerts

NSW Premier Morris Iemma has announced new counter-terrorism measures, including an alert system able to send text messages to all mobile phones in a suspected target zone.

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Indian Government allows mobile services in border areas

The Indian government has now relaxed security norms to allow provision of mobile phone services on national boundaries.

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Unified Mobile TV on 3Gand broadcast networks demonstrated by Alcatel and Lucent

The 3G technologies enable pocket PDA to seamlessly browse and view TV channels.

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Vodafone to focus on rural areas for services in India

£29,350 billion Vodafone, the largest company in terms of revenue in the mobile space, is planning to move in a big way in rural areas of emerging markets such as India.

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Mobile Phones for Health

Major Public-Private Partnership to Use Mobile Phones to Fight HIV/AIDS Pandemic

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Emergency teams in New York Plan to use cell phone images to fight crime

Emergency services teams running the 911 system in New York are planning to extend the system to accept incoming images from cell phone users at the scene.

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Operators in India and China waiting for 3G approval

Operators in India and China are waiting for government approval to role out 3G (third generation) mobile services based on CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), according to an industry group that backs the technology.

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Mobile communication alters rural landscape

Mobile communication is revolutionizing economic and social life in rural India, according to a new study by The Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS).

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India Mobile Subs Soar in 2006

India's mobile operators added 6.2 million new subscribers in December, capping a year of rapid expansion that saw the country become the fastest growing telecom market in the world.

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Biofuels to be used to extend mobile coverage in rural India

February 9, 2007 Ericsson, GSMA, and Idea to use biofuels to extend mobile coverage in rural India

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