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Mobile Health Card How to Use Mobile Phones to Increase Rural Immunization Rates

Rahul Abhisek, Sneha Raman, Muzayun Mukhtar, Ekta Ohri, Saswati Saha-Mitra, Aditya Dev Sood

The rural health care system in India, along with many other complex social service institutions operating in India, needs better tracking tools to mark the identity of its beneficiaries. The current approach is paper-and-pen based, requiring extraordinary effort and time on the part of frontline healthcare workers and unnecessary duplication of effort. Two key surfaces are used to track the delivery of services to the beneficiary: the register (system copy) and the health card (user copy). The paper reviews the Routine Immunization (RI) card system and suggests several new directions that could employ mobile technologies to accomplish the existing functions of the RI Cards, while also improving immunization rates. The solutions proposed as well as there likely success are
discussed in greater detail in the paper.


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Dr. SMS – a Mobile-health Information System for Kerala

Sabarish.K, Dr. Rathan Kelkar

The paper presents the Dr. SMS project started by the Government of Kerala to provide comprehensive information on health-related resources via the short message service (SMS). Backed by a database of health infrastructure in 10 out of 14 districts in the State, the facility can provide timely information on medical facilities available in that locality including contact phone number, specialities and super specialities.


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