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SMS based Natural Language Interface for Locating Health

Rohit Banga, Akhil Langer, Ankush Mittal, Parikshit Sondhi

In this paper we present an implementation strategy for an automated system to address the problem of locating a health care provider. The solution that we propose is designed to strengthen and complement the weak health systems existing at the time of this writing. The motivation for solving this problem comes from the absence of an automated service to obtain the details of a doctor. To locate a doctor for a specific health condition, people
currently use ad hoc approaches. While this kind of information can be readily searched for using the Internet, this medium does not reach the masses. Also there are very few websites offering this service in India. In contrast, a common medium of communication that can be leveraged for this problem is the mobile phone which offers SMS as an inexpensive channel of sharing information. The challenge that we foresee in such a situation is the ability of the system to respond to natural language queries. We have developed a collection of techniques for addressing these problems. The design approach is guided by the expected usage of the system by a typical user in India and the use of a mobile phone.


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