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Make M-government an Integral Part of E-government

Dr D.C.Misra, I.A.S. (Retd.)

The paper defines m-government, discusses types of mobility and an m-government framework suggested by Antovski and Gusev (2005). Importance of m-government for economic development is highlighted citing various studies along with the potential, uses and limitations of m-government. The paper then presents two types of M-government and discusses its pros and cons. To tap the vast unrealized potential of m-government the paper draws a 10-point agenda for action. The paper is wound up by concluding remarks noting that efforts in the direction of m-government so far in India have been sporadic and piece meal. No holistic view of m-government has so far been taken as a result of which the vast potential of m-government continues to be unrealized. It is believed that if this agenda is implemented, it will promote and support the cause of m-government.


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