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M4D Applications in Agriculture Some Developments and Perspectives in India

Kasina V. Rao, Rajendra M. Sonar

In this paper we are looking at Indian projects, which are targeted specific to farmers through their applications and services delivery through mobile phones by customised innovative business processes. These are looking at the basic core needs and demands of the end-users as the adoptable mServices which are affordable and create confidence on them. Some of the initiatives crossed to commercial stage and other are at field testing phase after piloting well. The applications used in their services are of short message service (sms), multi-media service (mms) and voice stream options. These are customised based on subjectivity such as literacy, usage pattern, social acceptance, domain specific and life-style of rural farmers in various states. These practices are nothing but innovative business models, which are adopted based on their per capita. Most of the initiatives are push-based method providing opportunity to fill the knowledge transfer to end users’ basic needs. The value added services concentrated on crop advisory issues, market intelligence, micro-finance for rural populations and finally local social networking at rural areas. But this paper look at, how effective are the projects which are specific to agriculture domain providing the information and knowledge services to enhance crop yields and improve productivity over a wide range of crops by taking effective decisions at right time by farmers under different agro climatic zones.


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