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Clever Texting and Panini Keypad New technologies to support Indian languages on mobile phones.

Abhijit Bhattacharjee, Lt Gen (Retd) Prakash Gokarn

It is imperative for all stake holders to support regional languages of India on the phone to take the data opportunity of the mobile phone to all users. Supporting regional languages on the phone has been a challenge regarding offering a usability technology that allows easy and convenient typing on the phone. Printed characters on keypad is unsuitable in a country with many languages and scripts. And multitap support that asks the user to tap upto 9 taps to type a character is cumbersome to use. A new technology of statistical predictive texting that pre-estimates characters that the user could be typing and places them on the screen for selection by the user by single keypresses has offered a viable means to support all languages on the same phone and yet offer a means of typing that is simple to use and is also very fast. This has many advantages and has turned out to be very popular with users as well as manufacturers. This new technology called CleverTexting developed by an Indian company called Luna Ergonomics has been developed for all Indian languages into one integrated platform called Panini Keypad which allows typing in all Indian scripts and also interoperation like transliteration between them. The technology is also applicable for all global languages and has already been developed for most major global languages and is being developed for the others. It is an opportunity for an Indian innovation to determine the way the world writes on digital devices.


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