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March towards m-Democracy - Estonia becomes the first mover
We have been advocating for a long time regarding the unexplored transformative potential of mobile devices. The recent decision by parliament of Estonia vindicates our stand.
m-Government - Next Frontier in Public Service Delivery
The Society for Promotion of e-Governance along with e-Development thematic group of The World Bank organized a global dialogue on potential of mobile Government in November 2007. A report on the discussions and the way forward is being put jointly by SpeG and e-TG for the benefit of stakeholders. The m-Government portal will be expanded to include the information for mobile services stakeholders in the next phase by the end of 2008.
Serving citizens @24/7 -m-Government to be key for delivering public services in the third milennium
Mobile technologies combined with power of 3G are ideal for making mission-critical data (voice, data, video, maps) available on-demand and on-site through mobile devices . Mobile government is going to be the mantra for new generation of civil servants
Democracy 2.0 - Remodelling democractic practices for information society
The old democractic processes are fast becoing obselete in the age of information society. The ICTs and mobile technologies have a great potential for remodelling citizen government interactions in the light of 21st century technologies. m-Government is the next mega transformation.
Mobile Computing, the 'Mantra' for connecting Bharat with India!!
A decade ago, internet changed the communication landscape by helping liberate, empower and transform the users and converting the world into a global village. Mobile computing is poised to be the next paradigm with extending the reach to rural areas and unconnected communities.
Revisioning Public services for Third Millenium...
Bridging the Practitioner - Developer - User Divide
Mobile phone as first class personal computing device – The new paradigm for mobile Government services
The small screen size and keyboard problem that is associated with the size of the mobile devices will be overcome by the development of "Docking Stations" for mobile phones similar to the ones we have for notebook computers , thus paving way for a mobile device to turn into first class computing device. The way we have chargers for multiple devices installed at various public places, we may have a new breed of docking stations for multiple devices installed at offices.
m- powering generation Z! – The citizens of emerging Knowledge Society (February 2007)
Mobile Government is bound to be inevitable part of the all inclusive e-Government services as mobile technologies are already mainstreamed into the life of generation Z – our future citizens. Let’s invent the future!
Mobile Government - Opportunity to deliver public services to rural India
The inclusion of mobile technologies in the national e-Government strategies is easier for the developing countries like India as they have just started rolling out the services.
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