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Mobile Media 2007

Mobile Media 2007 Book contains the proceedings of an international conference on social and cultural aspects of mobile phones , media and wireless technologies.

Mobile media 2007

Mobile Media 2007

Edited by : Gerard Goggin and Larissa Hjorth
ISBN: 97818664878905 (hbk.)
Published by: University of Sydney
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Reviewed By : Vikas Kanungo

Mobile phones usage is fast becoming the second nature of emerging information society. With the penetration levels mobiles have both in urban and rural areas and the rate at which the usage is growing, they have become the default technology for voice and text communications. With the development of 3G and 4G platforms and packaging of more computing power in mobile devices, various stakeholders such as equipment manufacturers , academia, researchers and user communities have started exploring the possibilities of mobile media and its potential in offering innovative new services.

Mobile Media 2007 was one such initiative by University of Sydney where experts from all across the world gathered to discuss the potential of mobile / wireless technologies and mobile media for new age communications. The proceedings of the conference, a collection of 33 papers from renowned experts are presented in the form of a book titled Mobile Media 2007.

The papers published in the book have been organized in two parts. While Part I has the papers addressing Mobile Cultures, Spaces and Identities; part II is dedicated to collect ion of papers on emerging mobile VISUALITIES, TEXTUALITIES, CONVERGANCES and DIVERGENCES. 

The potential of mobile media for provisioning of services to the next generation citizens is currently largely unexplored and is limited by the imagination of the stakeholders. This book is an attempt to comprehensively analyze and debate mobile media – exploring its emerging structures, features, practices, value chains, producers and consumers as well as delving into its social, cultural, aesthetics and commercial implications.

The book can be an excellent  resource for those interested in analyzing the potential of mobile technologies for future information society as well as a source of innovative ideas of e-Government practitioners and multilateral development agencies.

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