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Read what the key e-Government practitioners have to say about mobile government

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Oleg Petrov - Coordinator e-Development Thematic Group, The World Bank
The views expressed by Oleg Petrov on " The Potential of ICT in making this world a better place".
Stephane Boyera and Jose M. Alonso: W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
Interview conducted by Oleg Petrov, The World Bank
John Daly, Director, Americans for UNESCO
By The e-Development Thematic Group of The World Bank and The Society for Promotion of e-Governance
Hannes Astok, Member of Parliament & former Deputy Mayor, City of Tartu, Estonia
As a special coverage of Global Dialogue on Mobile Government jointly organized by mGovWorld , e-development Thematic Group of The World Bank and partners, the prominent experts from across the world have been interviewed . This interview is posted on the e-development thematic group website , whic is being reproduced here for the benefit of readers.
Samia Melhem - Sr. Operations Officer, Policy Division (CITPO), The World Bank Group
In an exclusive interview to Vikas Kanungo, Ms. Melhem shares her views on the impact of mobile/wireless technologies on the future of electronic public services to the emerging knowledge society
Ivan Fernandes, Chairman and Managing Director , Ducont FZ LLC, Dubai
One of the very few niche service providers in the area of mobile government, Ducont is poised for a big leap as the demand for mobile public services picks up world over. The Chairman and Managing Director of the company, Ivan Fernandes shares his vision and future plans with Vikas Kanungo of mGovworld.
Ms. Rehab Lootah, Acting Director e-services, Dubai e-Government
Dubai e-Government initiative was launched in 2003. After putting more than 2600 services online , Dubai e-Government department has taken a lead with launching mobile government services through mDubai initiative. During a recent visit to Dubai, Vikas Kanungo of m-GovWorld has an exclusive interview with Ms. Rehab Lootah, the acting director of e-Services with Dubai e-Government department.
Saroj Devkota, Vice Chairman , High Level Comission on IT, Government of Nepal
Nepal is in the process of finalizing its ambitious e-Governance masterplan. To be implemented with a total cost of US$ 75 million which is jointly funded by Asia Development Bank (USD 30 million) and Korean Government ( USD 30 million) , the plan aims to provide state of art electronic public servcies to the citizens of country. Vikas Kanungo of m-GovWorld during a recent visit to the country discussed the details of the plan with Mr. Saroj Devkora , Vice Chairman of the HLCIT and the man in charge of the program.
Wajahat Habibullah, Chief Information Comissioner, Government of India
Right to Information Act of government of India ios one of the most powerful acts favouring the citizens that declares " whatever can not be denied to the parlimanetarians, can not be denied to the citizens." Vikas Kanungo of m-GovWorld had an exclusive discussion with the honorable CIC regarding the usage patterns of the act and the possibilities of enhancing the reach of the act to larger sections of society using mobile/ wireless technologies.
R.Chandrashekhar, Additional Secretary e-Governance, Government of India
In an exclusiove interview to Vikas Kanungo of mGovWorld, Mr. Chandrashekhar, Additional Secretary -e-Governance, Government of India commented on the potential of mobile government in relation to National e-Governance plan of India detailing the opportunities for government agencies and the industry.
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